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Sending us documents in PDF file format is most preferable file format.. This will retain all formatting of your document including fonts, styles, spacing, and embedded graphics. However, it limits where and what kind of computer equipment may be used by students to view your files. You can convert your course material into pdf files using Adobe Acrobat Exchange, Distiller, or Capture. Or we will convert any non-text documents into pdf files if you do not have access to the Adobe Acrobat software mentioned above provided we have the software necessary to read and print your files (for example, Microsoft Powerpoint for .ppt files) or you print your document to a postscript file (.ps file extension). Students who have access to computers that can run the Acrobat Reader software (see "System Requirements" for MS Windows & Macintosh computers) to view PDF files will then be able to download/view your course material.

Additional file formats are listed in the guidelines below. Please contact us at 585-475-2560 or email: if your file format is not listed below or if you have questions about the file formats.

  • World Wide Web links to course resources you've posted on the Web
    (like RIT's Department of Information Technology )
  • Internet links to course related Internet resources
  • HTML and graphic files NOT posted elsewhere on the Web
  • Plain text files (e.g. .txt)
  • PDF files (Portable Document Format files .pdf)
  • Word Processed files (e.g. MS Word (.doc) or WordPerfect files)
  • RTF files (Rich Text Format files: .rtf)
  • Postscript or Encapsulated Postscript files (.ps or .eps)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation files (.ppt)
  • Image & Graphic files for which your students have a viewer
  • Executable files you want your students to download and run
  • Submit hardcopies of readings and we will scan the materials into pdf documents.


  • Guidelines for Placing Materials on Reserve

    How to Place Materials on Reserve

    Please bring in materials to go on Reserve well in advance of student's need for them. Materials are processed in the order they are submitted to the desk. Our goal is to process materials in 24-72 hours but at the quarter starting peak, the material may take longer to be made available.

    There are severals ways to submitt your materials to Reserve:

    1. Print the To Go On Reserve Form out and bring the completed form along with your materials to the Circulation desk for Reserve processing

    2. Submit the materials by electronic mail to Wallace Library Reserve Desk (you may "attach" course files to your e-mail or embed text files in the body of the message) your name, e-mail address, homepage URL (if you have one), course name & number, electronic course resources (links(URL's) &/or files), and date to delete the files/links.

    3. Fax materials to E-Reserve. Fax the materials along with a cover page outlining any special instruction you have for us to 585-475-6490.

    Removing Material from Reserve:

    Items may be removed from Reserve at any time by stopping at the desk and completing the Reserve Deletions Form, e-mailing requests ( or calling in requests (585-475-2560) to have the materials interoffice mailed to you. Each year, an inventory listing will be sent to individuals with items on reserve as a reminder for our year end clean-up.

    Copyright Policies for Traditional Reserve:

    In order to adhere to the copyright law the Reserve Desk follows the following guidelines:

    1. No more than six (6) copies of a copyrighted article may be kept at reserve.
    2. Copies of an article may not remain on reserve for more than four (4) consecutive quarters.
    3. All copied materials should contain a complete citation and notice of copyright.
    4. The number of copies of a monograph placed on reserve should not exceed 10% of the number of students in the class.

      *If you wish to keep copyrighted materials on reserve for more than four (4) consecutive quarters of continuous use, you must provide proof of permission from the copyright holder.

    Copyright Policies for Electronic Reserve:

    Copyright Policies for Electronic Course Reserve

    Troubleshooting PDF Problems

    Having problems loading up or printing PDF files? Please go to Troubleshooting PDF Problems to find your answer.


    All inquiries or concerns should be directed to Morna Hilderbrand, Head of IDS, 585-475-2560 or

    Maintained by: Morna Hilderbrand