RIT Archive Collections

RIT Archive Collections consists of four primary collections

RIT Archives, the historically valuable records of the university

RIT/NTID Deaf Studies Archive holds National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) historical records and acquires collections related to Deaf education, Deaf culture, Deaf theater and art, and technologies related to the deaf.

 RIT Art Collection contains works by faculty students and alumni and showcases individual talent and the range of art programs

 RIT Special Collections include the Frederick Wiedman Jr. Presidential Signature Collection, as well as two substantial collections of editorial cartoons by Elmer Messner and John Scott Club.

RIT Archive Collections serves as the official repository for historically valuable records of the university. A broad range of materials, from presidential papers and departmental records to photographs and art works document RIT's history since 1829. The collections provide a view into the university's unique role as an educational institution and reveal RIT's significant part in the story of Rochester's growth.

The mission of the RIT Archive Collections is to acquire, preserve and make accessible a wide range of materials related to the administration, academic programs, people and the social and cultural life of the university. Archives staff work with every department on campus to identify materials of enduring historical value and transfer them to the Archives.

The department supports the administration, research, and teaching of the university and provides information that promotes RIT's mission both internally and to the wider community.

Click here to learn more about using the RIT Archive Collections. Using Archives: A Guide to Effective Research from the Society of American Archivists.


As of February 2021 RIT Archives is closed to all researchers in order to prepare the collections to be moved to an interim location during the library's renovations. Please email us with any and all questions: ritarchive@rit.edu.

For more information about the library renovations please visit: https://library.rit.edu/construction

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