Online Exhibits

RIT Archives Photography Collections

A selection of digitized images showing historical RIT. View images of the old campus and browse by academic program.

Women at RIT: The Past, Present and Future

This site explores the history and accomplishments of the many women students, faculty, staff and trustees who have made a contribution to RIT.

NTID Life Histories Project: A Collection of Life Stories of Deaf People

In the mid-1980s, Gene and Inez Petersen set out to publish the life stories of ordinary and extraordinary deaf Americans. This site contains transcripts of these interviews.

RIT History Exhibit: 175th Anniversary Series

In 1891, the Athenaeum merged with the Mechanics Institute. In 1944 the school changed its name to Rochester Institute of Technology.

Art On Campus

This site highlights the Institute's rich artistic heritage, as internationally known artists, faculty, students, and alumni have contributed their vision to the fabric of RIT.

What's In A Name

Buildings, roads, and residences on campus are named to honor individuals associated with the history of the Institute. This website provides an introduction to these people and their many contributions.

RIT Mascot Page

In 1963-1964, a Bengal Tiger prowled the halls of RIT. In his short life that cat had a profound influence on the institute and on the students who cared for him.