Gallery for RIT History and Art

The Stories They Tell 5

This exhibit, cultivated from the RIT Archive Collections and the RIT/NTID Deaf Studies Archive, seeks to share stories of the RIT community through documents, photographs, yearbooks, memorabilia, and other items. The exhibition is the product of a museum studies course Cultural Informatics (MUSE 359), which fosters an annual collaboration between the Museum Studies Program and the RIT Archives to curate from the collections. Under the direction of Associate Professor Juilee Decker and Associate Archivist, Jody Sidlauskas, the following students created the display on view in the Wallace Library: Alana Bourgeois, Grace Gallagher, Leah Green, Landyn Hatch, George Herde, Kayla Jackson, Laurie Jean-Francois, Brienna Johnson-Morris, Richa Khanolkar, Karla Mueller, Samantha Perricci, Jacob Pochron, and John Valentine.

Each student researched, selected, and designed one of the exhibit cases you see here as part of the fourth such collaboration between Museum Studies and the Archives. With the celebration of RIT’s 50 years on the Henrietta campus; students tell the stories of people who were instrumental in the growth and development of the Institute and have buildings or spaces named in their honor. The digital version of the exhibits can be found here:


For more information on the process of creating this exhibition, see We hope you enjoy learning about the items on view and the stories they tell.