RIT Museum

Rewarding Investment in Tomorrow


This exhibition explores the growth of the Henrietta campus from inception to the present-day, with images, documents and artifacts from the RIT Archives. In 1961, RIT trustees made the historic decision to move the campus from downtown Rochester to the suburb of Henrietta. After seven years of planning and construction, the new campus opened for its first classes in 1968. The continued development of the campus proper, including buildings, landscape, facilities, and infrastructure systems, has been a direct response to the steady growth of student numbers since 1968, as well as to new and expanding academic programs, many of which forge new innovative relationships with business and industry. New construction has also been driven by expectations for ensuring a quality student life environment. From the home of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Lyndon Baines Johnson Hall, the first major construction project completed in 1974, to the MAGIC Center, including MAGIC Spell Studios, completed this year, the momentous changes to the Henrietta campus reflect a dynamic, ever-changing University.