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Celebrating Goudy 150

The Cary will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Frederic W. Goudy in Spring 2015. In the tradition of printers, designers, and typographers who admire the work of Fred and Bertha Goudy, we are sponsoring a celebratory keepsake exchange. The call for prints follows.

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AIGA Medalist’s Trailblazing Vision

From eye-catching book covers to multi-media collages, the RIT Graphic Design Archive’s latest exhibition features the work and musings of New York designer, Elaine Lustig Cohen.

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The Kelmscott-Goudy Press at RIT

Announcing the acquisition of the Kelmscott/Goudy Albion No. 6551 printing press, owned by such luminaries as William Morris, Frederic Goudy, Spencer Kellogg, Melbert B. Cary, and J. Ben Lieberman. The purchase was made possible by the generous support of the Brooks Bower family.

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Wood type fonts restored

Over 60 fonts of historic wood type have been cleaned, printed, and identified by volunteers for the Cary’s Adopt-a-Font project. There are still fonts to adopt, so contact us if you want to help.

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Caslon at the Cary

The Cary announces the acquisition of A Specimen of Printing Types, by W. Caslon & Son, 1764. This was the first type specimen book printed in England and is a companion to our copy of Caslon’s 1730 broadside Specimen. Please visit to see this exciting new find and other William Caslon holdings.

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Edges of Books

From gilt edges to fore-edge paintings, the Cary Graphic Arts Collection's exhibition, “Edges of Books,” examined the centuries-old tradition of edge decoration. A selection of artifacts from the sixteenth century to the present inspired visitors to view books in new and exciting ways. Buy the catalog today!

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Classes at the Cary Collection

Exhibitions, events, and research assistance are key activities here at the Cary, but we also offer many opportunities to host a class taught with our exceptional primary source archives and books. Contact one of the curators to schedule.

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Arthur M Lowenthal Memorial Pressroom

The Cary maintains a working technology collection of some 15 letterpress machines and over one thousand fonts of metal and wood type. Check out our press collection online or stop in to see one in action.

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