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Joseph Jerome de la Lande, Art de faire le Papier. (Paris: Academie de Sciences, 1761)

This illustration shows the construction of the papermaker's mold and deckle. The mold is dipped into a vat of pulp, lifted up, and shaken as the water drains through the screen. The paper fibers are left behind on top of the screen, and, if the sheet is well-made, the mat of fibers will have formed strong mechanical and chemical bonds with each other. Note the watermark is formed from wire and sewn onto the top of the mold.

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The drying room is where the pressed and sized sheets of damp paper were hung up to dry.

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An illustration showing the vatman dipping the mold and his assistant couching a finished sheet onto a piece of felt. After a certain number of felted sheets were piled up, they were squeezed in the screw press to remove excess water.

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Slight defects were removed from the sheets in the sorting and finishing room. Those that passed inspection were packed up for sale to printers and stationers.

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