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New Testament

Testamentum Novum, cum Glossis Bedae, Hieronymi, et Gregorii

Vellum leaf from an illuminated Medieval Manuscript
Switzerland (?), Early 12th Century
Latin Text; Revived Carolingian Script
22 by 15.5 cm

The chief interst of this text is the interlinear glosses and commentaries from the writings of Bede, Jerome, Gregory, and other Church Fathers. These were inserted at various times during the following centruy around a central panel of the original text. All the hands are based on the revival of early carolingian minuscule. The beginning of the trend to compactness and angularity is seen in many of these later additions. This manuscript shows through marks of ownership that it was in Geneva for centuries. It is therefore probable that it was written in Switzerland.

The color and texture of vellum is frequently an aid in allocating a manuscript to a certain district and time. The 12th century skins are often yellower than those of later dates as the result of the fact that a weaker lime-water solution had been used in the bleaching process.
Keywords: 1100s, Bible, carolingian, New Testament, script, Switzerland

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