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Huxley House records

Huxley House was a firm specializing in typography, design, and printing. Founded in 1928, its three principals were Walter Huxley, Franz C. Hess, and, for a short time, S. Garnett Goesle. The company's first office was at 117 West 54th Street in New York City. Huxley House's earliest clients were type foundries, publishers, and designers including Alfred E. Knopf, Bauer Type Foundry, George Bijur, Continental Type Foundry, Country Life magazine, William Edwin Rudge, and Kurt H. Volk. Later clients included the advertising and public relations agencies Alfred J. Silberstein, Fred Wittner Company, Kenyon & Eckhardt, and Al Paul Lefton; designers Lester Beall, Warren Chappell, George Giusti, and Walter Dorwin Teague, among others; and corporations including Brooks Brothers, Corning Glass, Hanes Hoisery, Knoll Associates, and Standard Oil. Huxley House merged with Kurt H. Volk, Inc., on October 16, 1967, to become Volk & Huxley, Inc.

Walter Huxley was a typographer and type designer. Born in New York, he studied at and taught at the Art Institute of Chicago. He returned to New York to work for the American Type Founders Company before establishing Huxley House. A member of Typographical Union No. 6, and the Advertising Typographers Association of America, Inc., Huxley was 64 when he died at his summer home in Falls Village, Connecticut, on July 31, 1955.

Franz C. Hess was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, and remained with Huxley House, where he served as treasurer, until his retirement in 1965. He was 79 when he died at his home in Sharon, Connecticut, on March 31, 1975.

Sylvan Garnett Goesle, born circa 1898, was a graphic artist The ledgers and volumes in the collection begin with the set-up of Huxley House's office and print shop in 1929, and continue through 1960, covering funds spent for type, printing, paper, advertising, payroll, and rent and other administrative expenses; bank reconciliation records; and financial records for client accounts. The records include: Accounts Payable and Receivable, 1933-1960 (4 vol.); Cash Books, 1943-1960 (9 vol.); General Journal, 1938-1945 (1 vol.); Petty Cash, 1937-1960 (7 vol.); Purchase Books, 1929-1960 (9 vol.); Sales Books, 1929, 1937-1960 (22 vol.); Huxley Lino Purchase Book, 1940-1960 (1 vol.); and Huxley Lino Cash Book, 1956-1960 (1 vol.).

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