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Patent Registration Drawings for Typefaces

The collection consists of 23 printed ledger sheets issued by the United States Patent Office between 1878 and 1892. Twenty-one sheets show designs for typefaces, borders, and ornaments submitted by the American and German typographers William M. Capitain (1), James M. Conner (1), Georg F. Giesecke (2), Charles E. Heyer (2), Charles S. Hazlett (1), Hermann Ihlenburg (8), Frank M. Powell (1), Carl Schraubstadter Jr. (1), Julius Schmohl and Ernst Lauschke (2), and James West (2). Each sheet holds an image of the design (either printed directly on the sheet or a photograph adhered to the sheet), signatures of the designer and witnesses, and annotations by office staff with dates of contact and approval. Also present are 2 sheets holding designs by Alfred Dwight for a printer's bodkin and a type case.

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