Depero Futurista by Fortunato Depero, 1927, is one of the most important exemplars of the Italian Futurtist Movement and, apart from the manifestoes of F. T. Marinetti, one of the centerpieces of 20th-century avant-garde typography. This anthology of Futurist creation, spanning 1913 to 1927, is a manifesto of the machine age with an industrial bolted binding. Printed in part on various colored papers; numerous leaves printed on both sides. Illustrated throughout with typographical compositions and reproductions of paintings, drawings and photos; includes sections "Cuscini Depero" and "Pubblicità Depero," with original relief prints, e.g. advertisements for the liqueur Campari. Issued in blue paper covers secured with aluminum bolts; "Rilegatura dinamo creazione Azari."

Italy, Futurism, avant-garde, 20th century
24 x 32 cm