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Roderick Stinehour

Roderick Stinehour, (1925–)

Goudy Award Winner 17, 1985

Roderick Stinehour’s dedication to fine book printing is evident to everyone familiar with the long list of titles his press has produced since it was inaugurated in 1950. The many scholarly editions and the distinguished clientele of the press bespeak a continuing concern for, and achievement of, the highest principles of the book printer's art. His dedication is reflected by a constant vigil for those details that separate the superior from the mundane.

In the rural area of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom, the Stinehour Press performs its magical touch on books that one seldom sees emanating from larger urban competitors. "Rocky" Stinehour is the guiding force behind these typographic gems; his insistence on authenticity and accuracy, and a faithful adherence to historical origins have served their purpose well.

The long association between the Stinehour Press and the Meriden Gravure Company culminated in their merger in 1977 as Meriden-Stinehour Incorporated. Mr. Stinehour was named Chairman of the Board this year.

Mr. Stinehour, in a commentary contained in Twenty-five Books of the Stinehour Press (1975), the catalog of an exhibition celebrating the first twenty-five years of the press states, "The need is almost always for a melding of the best visual facsimiles with the most appropriate typographic accompaniment."

Mr. Stinehour served as a U. S. Navy fighter pilot (Lt. J.G.) during World War II and following this service returned to Dartmouth College where he had previously trained as an officer. He studied graphic arts at Dartmouth under the renowned Ray Nash. Following graduation in 1950, he and his wife Elizabeth moved to Lunenburg, Vermont and the beginning of the Stinehour Press. Through the years, numerous books from the Stinehour Press have been honored as Books of the Year by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AlGA).

Mr. Stinehour has contributed his talents to both the community and state as well as to the printing of fine books. He has served as School Board Chairman in Lunenburg, 1962-1965; Trustee for the Weeks Memorial Hospital, 1973-1979 and as a Trustee to the Yale Library Associates to list only a few. He is also a member of several distinguished organizations which include:

The Society of Printers, Boston; Vermont Historical Society; Printing Historical Society, London; Grolier Club, New York and The American Antiquarian Society. In addition, he has served or presently serves on the councils of the Grolier Club of New York, 1980-1983; The Bibliographical Society of America, 1984- and the The American Antiquarian Society, 1975. He has been a Vice President of the latter organization since 1980.

In 1981, Mr. Stinehour was the recipient of an honorary degree (D. Litt.) from his alma mater, Dartmouth College. He has also been named a Fellow in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and was selected as Vermont Small Businessman of the Year in 1972.

The text from this online exhibition is derived from Twenty Years of the Goudy Award, a publication produced at the RIT School of Printing in 1988.