Goudy's birthday celebrated with digital type revivals: March 8

The Cary Collection and Matteson Typographics will commemorate the 153rd birthday of the great American type designer, Frederic W. Goudy (1865-1947), on March 8, 2018. We will host a digital typeface launch party, with exhibits and lectures, that evening at 6 p.m. at the Cary Collection in the Wallace Library. This new suite of digital Goudy types includes language and special character support that were not in place during Goudy’s lifetime, making them usable for a new generation of designers. The offerings will include digital fonts of Goudy Titling, Goudy National, Goudy Newstyle, Goudy Tory, Goudy Village no. 1, and Goudy Type. Matteson Typographics is offering these typefaces for sale at MyFonts.com.

The Cary Collection is an apt location for these Goudy festivities, as we are one of the world’s foremost repositories for archives on Frederic W. Goudy. Our holdings include not only books designed and printed by Goudy, and his personal correspondence, photographs, and drawings, but also two printing presses owned by him and the largest-known collection of metal type cast in his foundry. We welcome two speakers at this event who personify the Goudy legacy: Steve Matteson and Ray Czapkowski.

Steve Matteson is the Creative Type Director at Monotype. Working from his home in Louisville, CO Steve has designed numerous typefaces for corporate re-branding including Google, Microsoft, Nextel and Toyota. He is the designer of Open Sans, the most viewed webfont on the internet as well as the Droid family of typefaces. As a career-long hobby, Steve researches and lectures about the work of Frederic and Bertha Goudy and has created digital versions of over a dozen Goudy typefaces. He is an amateur musician and letterpress printer and father to two artistic daughters. His talk on March 8 is entitled, That’s Frederic – without a ‘k’.

Ray Czapkowski is a type compositor and printer, who ran a printing business in Rochester for some decades. He attended the RIT School of Printing in the 1960s, and learned from Professor Alex Lawson, who first acquired RIT’s early Goudy collections. In his retirement, Ray teaches letterpress printing and refurbishes vintage presses. He actively volunteers at the Cary Collection in cleaning, sorting, and printing the precious “Lost Goudy” Types, about which he will speak at the launch party on March 8.

Refreshments will be served after the lectures. Artifacts from the Cary Collection that served as inspiration for the digital typefaces will also be on view. This event is free and open to the public.