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Goudy's fonts defended in next lecture

Design historian, Paul Shaw, will deliver the next lecture in celebration of Frederic W. Goudy's 150th Anniversary. "In Defense of Fred Goudy," will be presented on May 7, 2015 at the Cary at 5 p.m.; a reception to follow at 6 p.m.

Frederic W. Goudy is widely acknowledged to be one of the titans of American type design—alongside Morris Fuller Benton, Oswald Cooper, & W.  A. Dwiggins—in the first half of the twentieth century. Yet, today he is often derided as an egotist and his typefaces dismissed as dated, inconsient or clumsy. His reputation has been eclipsed by his students Oswald Cooper and W.A. Dwiggins, though neither had a type design career to rival his.

This talk will present a case for the importance of both Goudy and his typefaces—whether they are likable or not—from an historical vantage point. It will argue that Goudy’s typefaces were an integral aspect of the “modernization” of American graphic design as it emerged from Victorian printing and the Arts & Crafts movement in the first decades of the 20th century. And that Goudy himself deserves to be seen as the key figure in the development of type design as a profession, a precursor to today’s independent digital type designers.

Free and open to the public.
The Goudy 150 events at RIT are sponsored by Monotype.