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RIT Type Week events

The Cary Collection, RIT School of Design, and the Cary Professorship from the RIT School of Print Media have designated February 13-17 as "RIT Type Week, with free lectures and workshops about typography.

RIT Alumnus, Steve Matteson will be kicking it off with two lectures:

The Brand Inside: Case Studies from the Technology Sector
Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 4:00 p.m.
Frank E. Gannett Hall (07B), Webb Auditorium 7A-1350
Matteson speaks on the importance of brand voice being conveyed through typefaces and the impact of web fonts on branding, using specific case studies of his work with Interbrand, Landor, Microsoft, and Google.


Discovering the Goudy Legacy: Two Former Bookkeepers Impacted American Typography and Graphic Design for All Time
Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 6:30 p.m.
RIT Cary Graphic Arts Collection, 2nd floor, The Wallace Center
Frederic W. Goudy designed over 100 typefaces, some of them among the best ever made including those you are reading here. Bertha M. Goudy, a self-taught book designer & compositor, was one of America’s pre-eminent woman graphic designers. Fred Goudy wrote that she ‘enabled me to attain a measure of success which I could not have achieved without her.’ Learn about the impact this duo had on the state of the art of graphic communications, printing, type design and typography. Take a personal look at how they lived, entertained and worked together. Rare books, broadsides, and letters will be provided for viewing.

STEVE MATTESON is the Creative Type Director for Monotype Imaging. He has designed typefaces for both screen environments and print publishing since 1987. A graduate of RIT, Steve has an extensive background in the history of typography, design, and printing. His work can be found in products such as the Xbox, Windows Phone 7 & Google’s Android mobile products. He has produced many type revivals based on the work of Frederic Goudy including Bertham Pro, Truesdell, Newstyle, Goudy Ornate & Friar.

Stop by for a ride on the "Typographic Carousel"
Friday, February 17, 2012, 11-2 p.m.
RIT Student Innovation Center

Join us on the Typographic Carousel as we experience some pre-digital typographic processes and techniques!
Move around from terminal to terminal, experimenting with letterpress, calligraphy, transfer lettering and try your hand at identifying some typefaces, type terminology and perfecting your letter spacing!
Everyone is welcome to join in.