Rightsholder, A. A. (Year). Title of program (Version number) [Description of form]. Retrieved from URL

Righstholder, A. A. (Year). Title of program (Version number) [Description of form]. Location: Name of Producer.


Love, J., Selker, R., Marsman, M., Jamil, T., Dropmann, D., Verhagen, A. J., . . . Wagenmakers, E. J. (2015). JASP (Version 0.7) [Computer software]. Retrieved from

In-text: (Love et al., 2015)


Do not italicize the names of software, apps, programs, or languages. Do not cite standard office software (e.g. Word, Excel) or programming languages; provide references only for specialized software. In brackets immediately after the title or version number, identify the source as a computer program, language, software, measurement instrument, and so forth. If the program can be downloaded or ordered from the web, give this information in the publisher position.

APA - 7.08, no. 56
APA (ER) - no. 59