[1]F. Lastname, Title of Software or Game, version. City, State, Country: Publisher, Month Day Year. [Online]. Available: URL, Accessed on: Month Day, Year.

[2]Developer, City, State, Country, Title of Software or Game, version, Month Day Year. [CD-ROM].

In-text: In-text citations are treated as if they were footnotes and are enclosed in square brackets [1].


[1]J. Love, et al., JASP, ver. 0.8.4. [Online]. Available:, Accessed on: Dec. 12, 2017.

[2]Blizzard Entertainment, Irvine, CA, USA, World or Warcraft, 2004. [CD-ROM].


If you do not know the name of the individual developer, you can provide the name of corporate developer followed by their location at the start of the citation as in the second example (p. 40, "Manuals/Software," 3). If software has multiple releases and the version number is not included in the item's title, include the version immediately after the title preceded by "ver." (p. 39, "Books, Monographs: Examples," 1). Use [CD-ROM] or another appropriate descriptive label to indicate that you are not citing a traditional text-based source. Consider including an access date for online content, particularly if the content might be removed or changed (see p. 39, "Reports and Handbooks," 2).

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IEEE - Adapted from: Books, Monographs (p. 38-39); Manuals/Software (p. 40)