[1]Title of Proceeding, City, State, Country, Year. DOI.

[2]Title of Proceeding, City, State, Country, Year. [Online] Available: URL or Database Name.

[3]Title of Proceeding. City, State, Country: Publisher, Year.

In-text: In-text citations are treated as if they were footnotes and are enclosed in square brackets [1].


[1]IEEE Conf. Technol. Sustainability (SusTech 2013), Portland, OR, USA, Aug. 2013.


If you are citing a specific paper in a conference proceeding, see "Conference Paper." The title of the proceeding should include the name of the conference, as well as the parent organization. If the title also includes the date for the conference, you can omit the date from your citation. You can also omit articles and prepositions from the proceeding's title and use commonly abbreviated terms where appropriate (see p. 37, "Published Conference Proceedings). For a list of recommend abbreviations, see p. 36, "Published Conference Proceedings."

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