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If it seems relevant, include the name of the company or organization after the title of the newsletter (see p. 39, "Reports and Handbooks"). For URLs, provide the link to the publisher's website whenever possible, not the link to the library database as per APA style (see pg. 38, "On-Line Sources"). If your only option is to provide the link to the database, provide the name of the database in place of the URL (see p. 40, "U.S. Government Documents: Example," 1). The title of the article should appear in sentence case (i.e. only capitalize the first word and any proper nouns), while the title of the newsletter should appear in title case (i.e. capitalize each word) (p. 39, "Periodicals: Basic Format," 1). IEEE recommends abbreviating periodical titles when appropriate. For a list of common abbreviations see IEEE p. 40-52. Consider including an access date for online materials at the end of your citation (see p. 39, "Reports and Handbooks: Examples," 2).

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