[1]F. Lastname, "Title of presentation," Title of Website or Repository, Month Day, Year. [Sound recording]. Available: URL or Database Name, Accessed on: Month Day, Year.

[2]F. Lastname, "Title of presentation," presented at Event or Organization, City, State, Country, Month Day, Year.


[1]W. Destler, Welcome back address to the RIT community, presented at the Rochester Inst. of Technol., NY, USA, Aug. 21, 2015.

[2]B. Obama, "What is required: The price and the promise of citizenship," American Rhetoric, Jan. 20, 2009. [Sound recording]. Available:, Accessed on: Dec. 12, 2017.

[3]A. Earhart, "Amelia Earhart on women in flight,", 1935. [Sound recording]. Available:


The first example shows how to cite a live speech or presentation. If the speech is untitled, provide a descriptive title and do not wrap it in quotes as per APA style (see pg. 38, "On-Line Sources"). The second and third example show how to cite a recording of a speech accessed via a website. If you are citing a webpage compiled by a corporation or organization and it's appropriate, include the location for the publisher along with their name; otherwise, omit this information and place a comma between the title of the website and the date. You should provide the date that is most relevant to the source (typically the date the speech as given). Use [Sound recording] or another appropriate descriptive label to indicate that you are not citing the text of the speech. Consider including an access date for online materials (see p. 39, "Reports and Handbooks: Examples," 2); when the access date is used in place of the date of publication, place it immediately after the title of the website (see p. 39, "Books, Monographs: Examples," 4).

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IEEE - Adapted from: Books, Monographs (p. 38- 39); Periodicals (p. 39); Papers Presented at Conferences (p. 37); Papers Presented at Conferences (p. 39)