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Consider including an access date for online materials, especially if you do not know the date of publication; when the access date is used in place of the date of publication, place it immediately after the publisher preceded by a comma as in the second example (see p. 39, "Books, Monographs: Examples," 4). The title of the webpage/article should appear in sentence case (i.e. only capitalize the first word and any proper nouns), while the title of the website should appear in title case (i.e. capitalize each word) (see p. 39, "Periodicals: Basic Format," 1). If you are citing a webpage compiled by a corporation or organization and it's appropriate, include the location for the publisher along with their name; otherwise, omit this information and place a comma between the title of the website and the date.

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IEEE - Adapted from: Books, Monographs (p. 38- 39); Periodicals (p. 39)