Spirited: Cheers to RIT School Spirit

RIT Colors

Prior to 1957, RIT’s official colors were blue and grey, and the mascot was the “Techmen.”  Following an undefeated basketball season in 1955-1956 however, a desire was struck for a “more collegiate-sounding name,” leading to a 1957 Student Government vote to make the school colors orange, brown, and white.  At this point, the mascot also became the RIT Tigers. 

However, this decision took a long time to put into effect, and it wasn’t until a 1964 vote by the Policy Committee that the colors were officially changed to Burnt Umber (dark brown), orange hue, and white.  These colors were refined further when RIT moved campuses in 1968, and the colors became brown (Pantone 167) and orange (Pantone 165). 

Although this timeline can be a bit confusing, the different policy changes, refinement, and committee decisions means that there is a rich collection of memorabilia, clothing, and other items featuring school colors from RIT’s past.