The Stories They Tell 4

RIT Fan Gear

The earliest fan gear in the RIT Archive Collections—clothing and pins—demonstrate loyalty and pride in RIT’s precursor institutions, particularly the Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute, also known as RAMI, which was established 1891. These items bear the colors, graphic marks, and emblems of yesteryear. 

The focus of this exhibit case is modern and contemporary fan gear. From t-shirts celebrating community or critiquing haircuts to apparel and accessories including sunglasses, pom-poms, spirit bells, and towels, the items shown here represent only a fraction of the numerous ways that fans of RIT show their pride in the institution and the community forged here.


1. Anatomy of a Proper RIT Hair Cut
2. “Big Bash II” T-Shirt
3. RIT Spring Festival T-Shirt
4.Techmila, 1985
5. Techmila, 1986
6. RIT Tiger Towels
7. RIT Pins and Bells
8. RIT Glasses, Pom pom’s, and Team Banner