Spirited: Cheers to RIT School Spirit

RIT Songs


Do you know the RIT Alma Mater?

If you answered no, don’t feel too bad. Over the last century, the Alma Mater has undergone numerous changes, to both melody and lyrics. As of this year, the melody is the same one written by G. B. Penny in 1910 for the Mechanics Institute, and the lyrics are an updated version of those introduced in 1993 by an unnamed professor.

The near-constant introduction of new pieces and revamps led to confusion and disinterest, with one student saying of a new fight song in 1986, “Maybe if they play it 600 times it’ll catch on.”


1. M.I. Songs (grey & blue, 1915)
2. Mechanics Institute Songs (brown, 1917)
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4. RIT Alma Mater lyrics
5. Sheet Music
6. The Alma Mater-History Revived
7. Fight song gets meek RIT debut
8. Call for submissions, 1992
9. Alma Mater (1993 version)