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Paper copies of help guides and subject bibliographies are available on the first floor of the RIT Library directly across from the Reference Desk Online versions of the guides and bibliographies are accessible through the library Web. These documents cover such subjects as basic sources and strategies for research in many discipline areas, and subject lists of current periodicals.

Upon request, librarians will develop topical bibliographies tailored to particular class assignments or guides to assist students with the use of specific research tools. You may make suggestions for new guide topics or revisions to existing guides by filling out the form below.

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Art, Photography, Design, Film Animation-- Kari Horowicz
Business, Hospitality Service Management -- Jennifer Freer
Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering -- Roman Koshykar
Deaf, Disability and General Education -- Joan Naturale
Engineering, Packaging -- Linette Koren
Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Economics -- Linda Coppola
Science, Math, Imaging Science, Nutrition -- Adwoa Boateng
English Composition, Freshman Seminar -- Sue Mee
General Reference -- Margaret Bartlett
Printing, Graphic Arts -- David Pankow
Sports, Recreation -- Sheila Smokey

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