Will Burtin Quotes

"There are new professions, new human needs, new ideas and inspirations, a general speed-up in the interchange of experiences, and the commercialization of communications on a world scape, all of which combine into a problem which is summarized by the term 'communications explosion.' "

"The creative person who can find himself or herself in this expanding universe is not only fortunate but indispensible."

"Only that which is understandable can the designer express clearly in his or her work. Clarity of purpose makes him or her determine the media."

"Visual communications developed because our society needs the quickly understandable and memorizable presentation of data, in pictorial and text form."

"The essentail function of the (design) profession in our society is to enhance and cultivate communications toward easier understanding of ideas and complex problems in the shortest possible time and higher visual and auditory retention of data."