Components of Information Design

A small, single point that has enough visual energy to attract the eye and serve as a beginning.

A single stroke of a pencil(or a computer mouse). A point is extended so that the dimension of length is primary, the form is called a line. Line is a powerful element that can be employed not only for communication, but also for organization.

A shape is concerned with the boundaries of a mass. Shape may be inner or outer surfaces. Shapes may be combinations of straight lines or planes, of curved lines or planes, of straight and curved lines or planes.

A type of organization method in which a quality of even modules are present by repeating a common element. Configuration may be either random or predictable.

Spatial Organization System/Grid
A structural system or framework for organizing elements within a format. A grid can be conceptual(i.e. matrix) or physical (a typographic unit grid). It can be built upon typographic, compositional or constructional bases. It can be regular, irregular or progressive in rhythm.

Arrangement and specification of type in preparation for creating application and applied to typesetting produced by any type composition system.

A syntactic aspect of visual form which aids the communication of information and functions as a tool of persuasion, through the use of symbolic associations which has as its dimensions hue, value and chroma.

Imagery contains decorative illustration, such as floral patterns or other subject matter additional interest is added.(symbols, illustrations, photographs) It effectively conveys a concept and mood, usually without the benefit of type.

Sound gives power to pictures by suggesting aural information and. It must provide clarity and fidelity to satisfy the direction of emphasis that the picture demands.

Motion is movement and time as they interact. The structuring of movement patterns in the film can articulate time, as mass articulates space. It can be manipulated to form a rhythmic flow and fluidity, and this, whether the visual images are animate or inanimate.