When have you plagiarized?

It is plagiarism when you:

  • Fail to give credit to the author even if you paraphrase someone else's work.
  • Change a few words from a passage without giving the original author credit.
  • Borrow facts, statistics, or other material without giving credit, unless the information is common knowledge for that class.
  • Buy or use a research paper written by someone else.
  • Copy passages from the web, a book, or an article and insert them into your paper without citing them.
  • Reproduce any type of multimedia (graphics, audio, video), computer code, music compositions, graphs, or charts from someone else's work without giving the original creator credit.
  • Build on someone else's idea or phrase to write your paper without giving the original author credit.
  • Submit your own paper in more than one course without the permission of the teacher. This is called self-plagiarism.