Is this paraphrasing or plagiarism? - example three

Original Passage: Frodo is no Arthur, and that, in a way, is Tolkien's point. He is a little man, not a national hero. The glorious days of epic and romance are long past, and the actions of hobbits, of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances have superseded the larger-than-life heroes, their deeds, their chivalry and courtly valor. Nevertheless, the same poignance and sense of loss pervade both stories.* 

Paraphrase: The character of Frodo is not much like King Arthur, because Tolkien is making that a point. As a hobbit Frodo is an ordinary person who lives long after the days of romantic, epic heroes. Although he lives through amazing events, Frodo is still ordinary, not larger-than-life. Nonetheless, both Tolkien’s writings and the stories of Arthur share a sense of loss.

Is this paraphrasing or plagiarism?

Plagiarism! The writer of this paraphrase changed a few words and phrases, but did not change it into her own words. The writer used the original paragraph with minor changes and failed to cite the original source.

 * Flieger, Verlyn. Interrupted Music: the Making of Tolkien's Mythology. Kent, OH: Kent State UP, 2005. Print.