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Menstrual Cup Reviews - Give It to Me!

by Sandra Jones (2016-09-30)

Ever considered a nice menstrual for yourself? My friends have started asking me for menstrual cup reviews. OK friend, Give It to Me, Get set for my Reviews here. In my 7 years of menstruating, I have never had a more seamless, unobtrusive period experience as I have these past two months with the Luna cup. I was very hesitant to try it since I had mixed success with the Diva Cup in the past. I know some women love their Diva Cup, but I found the latex to be too hard, adding to my cramps, and even the small was too large for me, causing the stem to stick out too far and irritate my labia. The Luna Cup is everything a menstrual cup should be. I found that my main issue causing cup discomfort is that I have a very low cervix, meaning that the smallest Diva Cup was too long for me. The Luna cup is pliable, moves with my body, and though I've had some issues with intermittent faint leakage, I will take that over the threat of TSS, the torture of removing an only slightly saturated tampon, the dreaded pad outline, sitting on a wet diaper all day long, and filling landfills with synthetic absorbent materials and chemicals. I seriously forget I'm wearing my Luna, and this coming from someone who could hardly stand the preteen sized tampons. This allows your body to do its own thing, how it was designed to work.
Overall Review: I absolutely enjoy this menstrual product! I love that menstrual cups are reusable and better for the environment than using the large amount of pads I usually use for a period. Having no leakage or much odor is also amazing and now I am prepared for my period (no more ruined underwear or having to pass up going swimming!).

In my opinion, menstrual product reviews can be helpful for providing insight into a product's quality, function, and usefulness.


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