Collection of Historical Bookbindings in Miniature

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Sixty-eight miniature books demonstrating various binding structures, each under 2 inches tall, housed in a custom-made cabinet. "Genest started keeping miniatures for herself as a convenient means of documenting book structures. It seems that her only criterion for a miniature structure is that it must behave as a book, not matter what its form....Many of Genest's miniatures are inspired by an historical prototype." Examples of bindings in this collection include: a medieval Girdle Book, Coptic Bindings, Vellum Bindings, Origami Bindings, Flag books, Exposed Spine Bindings; and non-traditional book-object miniatures such as seashell, fan, and ornament books. Text and photography courtesy of Joshua Heller Rare Books, Inc.; photography by Neil Greentree.

miniature books, Canada, 21st century, 20th century