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Edward Catich Alphabet Collections

Edward M. Catich (1906-1979), was an American calligrapher, teacher, and Roman Catholic priest, on the art department faculty at St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa, for 40 years. His primary research focused on the development of the Roman serifed letterform.

Three carved alphabets on slate by Edward Catich are in the Cary Collection. They are inspired by early Roman letterforms such as those present in Trajan’s Column in Rome, Italy. View the Catich Alphabet Stones record in the RIT Libraries Catalog.

The Edward Catich Alphabet Collections also include 11 rubbings made directly from carved stones. The largest piece is a rubbing of the text cut into the base of Trajan's Column. View the Catich Stone Rubbings record in the RIT Libraries Catalog.