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Holiday Keepsakes by Joseph Blumenthal

The Blumenthal Holiday Keepsakes collection consists of the annual Christmas greeting booklets printed by Joseph Blumenthal at his Spiral Press. Each edition featured a new poem by the American poet Robert Frost, often its first appearance in print. The booklets were made for distribution by Joseph and Ann Blumenthal and Robert and Elinor Frost, with separate imprints for the couples. Each annual booklet had a different format and wrappers; most issues incorporate decorations by noted illustrators including Howard Cook, Fritz Eichenberg, Antonio Frasconi, Philip Grushkin, Fritz Kredel, Armin Landeck, J.J. Lankes, Joseph Low, Leo Manso, Stefan Martin, and Thomas Nason. Additional imprints were eventually made for Frost's friends Marguerite and Frederic Melcher, and for the executives at Frost's publishers Henry Holt & Co. and Holt, Rinehart & Winston. The first booklet was issued in 1929; they were produced annually from 1934 through 1962, except for the years 1936 and 1940-1943.

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