Specimen Portfolio of Wood Type

Wood type in myriad designs—from stark condensed sans serifs to bizarre ornamental scripts—created variety in commercial advertising more than 180 years ago, and continues today to influence modern signs, posters, and billboards. The Melbert B. Cary, Jr. Graphic Arts Collection at RIT maintains an impressive collection of wood type, numbering over 300 fonts. This book showcases over 250 of our best wood type specimens, including many complete fonts and samples from unusual designs. All specimen reproductions were painstakingly printed from the original wood type blocks, some distressed with 100 years of use and abuse. The resulting compendium is a rich typographic resource sure to delight any designer, scholar, collector and student of graphic arts history. Includes an introduction and classification system used by permission of David P. Wall. Foreword by R. Roger Remington.

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