Funerailles, & diuerses manieres d'enseuelir des Rommains...

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Claude Guichard, "Funerailles, & diuerses manieres d'enseuelir des Rommains, Grecs, & autres nations, tant anciennes que modernes," Lyon: Jean de Tournes, imprimeur du roy, 1581. The 16th century was a period of remarkable typographic experimentation, particularly in France. Printers were driven by two objectives: to preserve the aesthetic quality of the book was to meet the growing needs of readers who needed to find information quickly and efficiently. Note how appropriately the historiation of the initial "S" fits the subject of the book, which documents funeral practices. The initial "A" and the headpiece at the top of the page show the growing fondness for arabesque decoration in the city of Lyon, where this book was printed by de Tournes.

initials, France, 16th Century
24 cm high