Harper's January

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Contains Roden's Corner / a novel by Henry Seton Merriman, illustrated by T. de Thulstrup -- A group of players / by Laurence Hutton, with unpublished portraits -- The blazing hen-coop / by Octave Thanet, illustrated by A. B. Frost -- Massai's crooked trail, a story / written and illustrated by Frederic Remington -- The new northwest / by J. A. Wheelock -- The king of beaver, a story / by Mary Hartwell Catherwood, illustrated by A. I. Keller -- The sixth sense, a story / by Margaret Sutton Briscoe -- Stuttgart, the ancient city/ by Elise J. Allen, illustrated by Joseph Pennell Poster for Harper's January 1898 issue. Artist's mark present. The poster depicts a woman in hat (on left) facing contents information. Commercial lithograph

Penfield, Harper's Bazaar
47 cm. x 36 cm