Missale Herbipolense

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Vellum leaf from an illuminated Medieval Manuscript. Latin Text; Gothic Script; Transitional Early Gothic Notation.

The Missal has been for many centuries one of the most important liturgical books of the Roman Catholic Church. It contains all the directions, in rubrics and texts, necessary for the performance of the mass throughout the year. The text frequently varied considerably according to locality. This particular manuscript was written by Benedictine monks for the Parochial School of St. John the Baptist in Würzburg shortly after 1300 A.D.

The musical notation is the rare type which is a transition between the early neumes and the later Gothic or horseshoe nail notation. The "C" line of the staff is indicated by that letter, and the "F" simply by a diamond, an unusual method. The bold initial letters in red and blue are "built up" letters; first the outlines were made with a quill and then afterward the areas were colored with a brush.

script, music, missal, initials, gothic, Germany, formal, 14th Century
36 by 26 cm