Missale Plenarium

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Vellum leaf from an illuminated Medieval Manuscript. Latin Text; Revived Carolingian Script.

Many Missals, Bibles and Psalters of the 12th century were written in this fine, bold script. It was a revived form of the 9th century carolingian minuscule. In the absence of miniatures and decoration, it is difficult to assign a manuscript in this hand to a particular country. Some of the letters in this book, however, have been carefully compared with those in a manuscript known to have been ordered in Spain in 1189 A.D. by a certain Abbot Gutteruis, and it was found that the resemblance is striking. It is possible, therefore, that this leaf was written in the same monastery. However, because of the uniformity of all scripts in the early period, many English and French manuscripts could present close similarities in the style of writing.

Spain, script, missal, initials, carolingian, 12 Century
34.5 by 24 cm