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Brodovitch photographs exhibited in Russia

Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine called upon Rochester Institute of Technology design professor and scholar Roger Remington to curate an international exhibition about legendary magazine art director Alexey Brodovitch. RIT Cary Graphic Design Archives have an extensive Brodovitch archive and Remington utilized the archival resources for the creation of the exhibit. Remington led an interdisciplinary team of RIT faculty, staff and students to design “Brodovitch: From Diaghilev to Harper’s Bazaar,” which was on view at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow, Russia.

The exhibit consists of 23 photographs, including portraits of Brodovitch taken by Richard Avedon and Arnold Newman, as well as numerous Harper’s Bazaar covers and inside pages highlighting Brodovitch’s work. The exhibit is currently traveling through Russia after premiering in Moscow. Remington coordinated the loan of the archival items with Kari Horowicz and Steven Galbraith from the Cary Collection.

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