1967 Nov. 3rd Reporter Magazine Cartoon and Editorial

1967 Nov. 3rd Reporter Magazine Cartoon and Editorial

An article and political cartoon criticizing the new RIT logo


This is one of many political cartoons featured in the Reporter Magazine that scrutinized the new logo, mostly for its unknown and unexplained origin (at the time). While the largest issue concerning the logo was the lack of student involvement, the symbolism of the logo itself was also a point on contempt. RIT never made an official statement explaining the symbolism of the graphic mark, and the students didn’t receive any in-depth explanation of it until the Senate hearing to repeal the mark where the designer, Roger Remington, had to defend the logo himself. Next to the cartoon is an editorial article that appeared in the Reporter Magazine soon after the “square-notch” logo was adopted by RIT. The new logo was not well-received by the students. This article criticizes the change in logo for not including the students in the decision, stating, “RIT is the student body; for without the students there would be no life at RIT.”

Reporter 1967, page 2, RIT Archive Collections
Nov. 3rd, 1967
RIT Archive Collections
Reporter Magazine 1967

Reporter Magazine 1967, RIT Archive Collections