Barbi Brill Photographic Printing Lab Book

Barbi Brill's Photography Education at RIT

Barbi's photography education at RIT proved to be a rigorous experience for her, as it would have any young student. Her education included film-based photography projects ranging from dodging, texture screens, print consistency, warm/cool toned paper, and many other creative, skill, and darkroom techniques. All of these seem out-of-date for today's photography education standards but these are examples of the fundamental techniques needed during the 1950's photographic film era. From the intensive weekly assignments, to the male dominated arena in which she had to compete, Brill successfully graduated as the only female in her class of 1957. Some of her assignments, such as the dodging images, acknowledge the lack of females in her own studio environment and could speak, also, to her understanding of this field of study and the profession as a whole.