Wiltsie and Field Families Collection

Charles H. Wiltsie

Charles H. Wiltsie was born in Pittsford, NY on January 13, 1859. He served as a trustee for RAMI from 1892 until 1913 or 1914. During his tenure, he was chairman of the finance committee and chairman of an entertainment committee. He also served as the editor of the Athenaeum publication. His wife, Harriet, served on RAMI's Women's Board of Domestic Science. Wiltsie took part in giving speeches at the Burton Holmes Lecture Series, started by Elias Burton Holmes, a professional lecturer. Elias’s speeches were based on his travels around the world.
Wiltsie’s daughter, Mary Emily Wiltsie (later Field), served on the Women’s Council at RIT and she also was part of the Rochester Advisory Committee School for American Craftsmen. The family contributed financially to the university and in addition they would attend various events at the university. Wiltsie’s interest in the visual arts led him to establish the Wiltsie Watercolor Prize, an award given annually from 1892-1943. The Watercolor Prize was offered to students in the School of Applied Art. Students had to sketch a design in watercolor and submit it without a name. First place and second place were awarded a cash prize.