Liz Dopp Collection on RIT Women's Hockey

Liz Dopp's RIT Hockey Career: 1979-1983

On January 22nd, 1981, the parents of the women’s hockey players submitted letters to the RIT Athletic Director stating their dissatisfaction with the program. Among their extensive list of grievances was a lack of ice time, undesirable hours, unsafe equipment, and other concerns related to practice and play. For instance, the women were given only 5 hours per week to practice (as opposed to the men who practiced 10) and were often scheduled from 11:00 PM-12:00 midnight. They were also playing with unsafe equipment. Much of the gear given to them to use was sized for young boys aged 11-12. The complaints also included the lack of a trainer at games and practices, scheduling of games during exam weeks or breaks, lack of school-sponsored transportation to and from games, and a general disregard for the well-being of the female athletes. The parents threatened to file a Title IX case against the school if the problems were not addressed. Press coverage included Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle newspaper. The Reporter devoted a special issue to Athletic Equality in Women’ Sports. Thankfully, all issues were resolved through the efforts of the students, their parents, and the RIT administration.