The Stories They Tell 4

Llenis J. Hillman

Imagine what your college experience would look like if the year was 1938. Would you have the same major? Would your major even exist? Would you join the same clubs, spend your free time the same way? What kinds of current events would you be attuned to?

An incredible example of a very average college student is Llenis Jean Hillman. Llenis was born in Chaffee, N.Y. in 1918, and attended Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute (RAMI) for Food Administration from 1938 until 1940. During her time at RAMI, she was an active participant in glee club, bowling, horse riding, golf, tennis, and the secretary for her sorority, Sigma Kappa Delta. Similar to RIT students today, Llenis enjoyed taking photographs with friends on campus, in front of her dorm, and spending time outdoors. Llenis meticulously labeled these photographs in her scrapbook pages, featured in this exhibit.

Active as an alumna of the Food Administration department, Llenis lived in Arcade, N.Y. with her husband, Harvey L. Mason, and their two sons, Jeffrey and Barry. Llenis passed away in the spring of 2009 at the age of 90.