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M. Lillian Pratt Kinzel

M. Lillian Pratt Kinzel was born October 20, 1869 in Williamson, New York. She taught drawing at the Mechanics’ Institute, (a precursor to Rochester Institute of Technology), as well as a number of other community groups. Lillian had an eye from landscape before becoming a student at the Mechanics Institute where, from 1890-1894, she enrolled in freehand and life drawing courses before taking up work as an instructor of fine art in 1895.

Nine works by Lillian that are in the RIT Archives depict lifelike scenery as well as constructed scenes, such as still lifes. Beyond their visual form, they give evidence of Lillian’s life as an aspiring artist and working woman. Her life and art demonstrate the role women in the art world in the 1880s and 90s. Lillian’s artistic career held promise; she seemed destined to match the success of her fellow teacher Emma Lampert Cooper who taught at the Mechanics Institute from 1893-97. Lillian’s life was cut short due to poor health. She died of pneumonia on May 2, 1900, at the age of 30.

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