Spirited: Cheers to RIT School Spirit

RIT Corner Crew

If you’ve ever been to an RIT men’s hockey game, you’ve no doubt heard the Corner Crew. RIT’s infamous Corner Crew has its origins in the early 80’s. Originally two groups, each in their own corner on the south end of Ritter Arena formed as game regulars. The southeast corner was made up largely of computer students as well as some faculty, staff, and alumni. The southwest corner was largely photo students.

The corners quickly became known for what would later become their slogan “We’re loud and obnoxious at hockey games” including cheers relevant to the time like one side cheering “tastes great” and the other side’s reply of “less filling” (a popular beer ad at the time.) Throughout the case you will find examples of chants that recently earned them national recognition on ESPN. In 1983, the leaders of both corners got together and decided to merge both corners into a single crew, which we know of today.

The Corner Crew is known for some interesting characters throughout the year, one of them being the Grim Reaper, who came into existence during a Halloween weekend opening game of the 1982-83 season. Steve Schultz came dressed as the Grim Reaper after attending a Halloween party. The Tigers were trailing when Schultz arrived, only to rally to win. A repeat of the events from the first night happened again during the second game of the weekend. When the Tigers fell behind the following home game and Schultz was not wearing the Grim Reaper costume, he ran back to his dorm and returned in costume, where the Tigers rallied yet again to win. Schultz wore the costume for the next eight years until finally retiring it during the first Gulf War.

The emergence of the Pep Band in the mid-2000’s allowed the Corner Crew to incorporate live music into their chants and the two groups combine to show some of the best spirit you’ll see at RIT.