Shop One Takes a Step Back

Shop One Takes a Step Back
This March 26, 1976 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle article describes how high prices and increasingly avant-garde designs were cited by customers as reasons why they no longer shopped there, as well as recent changes to the shop’s format, which occurred, ironically, due to the decline in sales. It goes on to explain that a new manager had been brought in to make changes he deemed necessary to save the business, but rather than lowering prices or offering the public styles and items they were more comfortable with, he decided to change the space’s aesthetic, from "flea market" as he chose to call it, to that of a modern art gallery. In an attempt to take a step back and recoup their losses, Shop One moved yet again, this time to 18 Maple St. in Scottsville, where it was operated by the owners out of a small storefront.
Sally Walsh
Barbara Cowles collection on Shop One
March 26, 1976
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Barbara Cowles collection on Shop One
Barbara Cowles collection on Shop One, RIT Archive Collections collection ID – RITArc.0450