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Featured Resource: the ASL and Deaf Studies Media Collection

The ASL and Deaf Studies Media collection supports the learning of beginning, intermediate, and advanced sign language skills. The Beginning American Sign Language Bravo Family DVDs (link) promote learning sign language through watching the interactions in a deaf family. There are 18 videodiscs focusing on different aspects of everyday life, such as eating breakfast, going to school, using rooms in the home, food and clothes shopping, going to the doctor, fingerspelling, and other related topics. There are DVDs on ASL numbers as well and how to sign them in various contexts.


Intermediate sign language skills can be developed by viewing The Face of ASL DVDs (link) which focus on declarative sentences, basic questions, conditionals, relative clauses, and complex sentences. ASL Grammatical Aspects: Comparative Translation DVD and book (link) explain the differences between American Sign Language and Pidgin Sign English. There are eight Classifiers: A Closer Look CDs (link) for advanced skills development. Sign artists such as Clayton Valli, Patrick Graybill, Peter Cook, Debbie Rennie, Robert Panara, and other deaf performers share their sign poetry, literature and storytelling. You can check out the Sign Language Literature and Poetry guide via http://infoguides.rit.edu/aslpoetry. Some deaf topics include biographies, deaf culture, multicultural groups, deaf-blind issues, ASL Lectures, humor and folklore,  films created by deaf filmmakers, international sign languages, history, the holocaust experience, and more. Take a look at the Deaf Studies guides that describe some of these collections. http://infoguides.rit.edu/cat.php?cid=30944


In addition, there are interpreting DVDs that focus on legal, insurance, medical, educational, mental health, and community interpreting. There are materials on interpreting for specific deaf cultural groups.  Popular children’s stories are retold in American Sign Language. Vocabulary and technical sign DVDs for subject areas like English, economics, computers, government, psychology, math, history, and science are also available. Take a look at some of the guides that describe selected materials. http://infoguides.rit.edu/cat.php?cid=41611