Copyright & Plagiarism Tutorials

Copyright infringement and plagiarism concerns are issues that plague RIT and other academic institutions. Most people who plagiarize are unaware they have impinged on another's intellectual property. Infringement may include text (online or hard copy), images, photographs, audio/visual materials, 3 dimensional works or any other idea that is in a tangible format.

To assist in understanding the rights of the copyright owner and the rights of the user, two tutorials have been created, one for students and another for faculty. They present an overall guideline and details to avoid plagiarism in RIT's academic environment.

Plagiarism - You can Avoid it... an interactive tutorial for students

Focusing on what constitutes plagiarism, how to avoid it, citation formats, and how to correctly paraphrase. Want to write better papers that are free of scrutiny - view this tutorial... The tutorial is set up in 3 parts:

Plagiarism - You can do Something about it... - an interactive tutorial for faculty

The tutorial presents the copyright/plagiarism class for students with enhanced information for faculty. Would you like your students to turn in plagiarism-free papers that are properly paraphrased, quoted, and written using proper citation formats - view this tutorial... AND invite a Wallace Librarian to present the class to your students or consider the online tutorial as an assignment. The tutorial is set up in 3 parts:

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RIT Library offers a plagiarism-fighting and educational tool,, sponsored by Turnitin can be creatively used to curb plagiarism. Contact Marianne Buehler for more information and to receive an account.

For more information, please go to Wallace's Copyright & Plagiarism Web site. The site includes articles, copyright law, history of copyright, information on patents and trademarks, citation formats, writing resources, policies, tutorials, comprehensive Web sites and more.

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