More tips for better web results

Tips Examples

Use parentheses around terms that are alike. Enter connectors in capital letters.

(adolescents OR teenagers)
television AND children

Include site: to search for your keywords on a particular website or domain.

computer science

Include filetype: to only return results in a specific file type.

organic farming filetype:pdf
resume template filetype:doc

Reviewing your results

Once you choose a page, use the Find function to quickly locate a word or phrase within a web page using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F.


More Reliable Sites
Use words like "policy" or "research" in your search to find sites that are more reliable.

Position Papers
Use words like "controversy," "debate," or "issue" to find sites that cover both sides of an issue.

Using Advanced Features
Check out the advanced search screens to see how they can help produce better search results. Most search engines offer advanced searching features.

If you are still not getting the results you want, check for help screens or ask the librarians for assistance.